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Autumn in October Huangshan trip

Date:2016-10-19 08:52

In order to thank employees for the company's development process to make unremitting efforts and selfless dedication; also to promote staff exchanges, strengthen the team between the seamless docking, enhance friendship and enhance cohesion; but also to promote the company's corporate culture, rich staff amateur Cultural life, broaden horizons. Company in October 24, 2014 - October 26, 2014 organized all the staff Huangshan tourism activities.

October 24 at noon, the staff of four buses from the company collective departure to the destination, arrived in Huizhou InterContinental Hotel evening meal, the second day of collective travel to Huangshan tour, most of the staff brave choice of 7.5 km of mountain Distance, noon collection together to enjoy the letter before the peak, black tiger pine, even the loose pine, monkey view of the sea, the dream pen flower, fairy tale and some interesting scenery, afternoon part of the staff to follow the Dong always continue to visit the bright top, The other part of the staff to follow the total Zhao to enjoy the iconic plants in Huangshan - welcoming pine, 16 km from the mountain road, rugged, we rely on not afraid of fear of tired The spirit to the top of the mountain, enjoy the beautiful welcoming lovers.

Huangshan sunrise is also an important part of Huangshan view, the third day looking forward to watch the sunrise employees early bed, with the camera recorded a beautiful sunrise, then set out to visit the West Grand Canyon - dream area, not To have to marvel at the nature of the talent, so steep, so beautiful, there is no artificial modification of a mountain. After the tour of the Grand Canyon, the end of the trip, all the staff returned to Nanjing.

The journey of laughter constantly, lively atmosphere of passion, on the way more than a joy; more is a variety of harvest, creating a youthful, vibrant atmosphere, embodies the unity, mutual help, cohesion, good Team spirit.

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