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2012 Jiuding New Year tea party

Date:2016-10-19 08:50

Yu rabbit old age, Jinlong welcome the new spring. January 15, Jiuding refrigeration in the Luhe East Hall held a grand welcome spring tea party and annual recognition of the General Assembly. Company leaders and all my colleagues gathered, the wine Huanhuan, to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

At the beginning of the tea party, the company leaders to give the whole staff to bring the blessing of the New Year, to give you a great spirit of inspiration, but also together to sum up the past, look forward to the future, to guide colleagues to take full responsibility to the challenging 2012 years.

Followed by the annual advanced team, the recognition of advanced staff. "A hard work, a harvest", in the long tripod family, the emergence of a batch of outstanding performance, outstanding achievements of the advanced team and individuals, they for the company's rapid development, staff growth has played a leading role The

Then the intense sweep of the sweep of everyone's heart, warmly looking forward to the lucky god can patronize their own, during which there are fast drink beer game, song sighs interpretation of the song, wonderful performances won everyone's applause, tea party In a laughter in the successful conclusion.

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