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JIUDING is a professional manufacturer of Refrigeration Units and Air Handling Units in China. The products are widely used for metallurgy, machinery, petrol, chemistry, steel, solar PV, vehicle, pharmacy, electron, textile, food and other industries and business places like hospitals, gymnasium, hotels, business buildings and shopping mall.


Refrigeration Equipment Series

Feed liquid temperature can reach -120~+30℃

Environmental Simulation Series

Various types of climate environment for testing

Air Handling Unit Series

Provide constant temperature/humidity/pressure air

Skating Rink Series

Artificial indoor/outdoor/mobile skating rink

Food Cold Storage & Freezer

Provid cold source for large cold storage.

Project & Service

Refrigerating and air handling system design, installation and service

完善的服务 我们的承诺 技术与支持

·Best Quality Products
·Sincerity Service
·Continuous Improvement

·Free Technical Training
·Free Testing and intenance
·Keep Contacting

·Online Download Technical Doc.
·Online and Offline onsultation
·Professional Knowledge Service

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