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  Nanjing JIUDING Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd formerly known as Nanjing Jianmao Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., was founded in 2003 and our company a professional Chinese manufacturer that engages in refrigeration and air treatment equipment and a high-tech enterprise that integrates science, industry and trade. We take creating pleasant, natural room of life and meticulous, exquisite production environment as our bounden duty and commit ourselves to the development and production of refrigeration and air treatment facilities in such realms as industry, business and military filed.

  All our refrigeration and air conditioning facilities are made by mature technology and exhibit reliable quality. Now our products have come into over ten categories and have come into wide use in such fields as metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical engineering, steel, solar photovoltaic, automobile, pharmaceuticals, electronics, textile, and food as well as in hospitals, gymnasiums, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers and other places.

  We also have two subsidiaries, that is, Nanjing Jiuding Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., Sales Branch Company and Nanjing Jiuding Refrigeration & Heating Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. which are capable of offering coordinated service, including system design, equipment supply, project management, installation debugging, maintenance, upkeep, etc. We also boast a team of highly qualified technical personnel who have rich professional knowledge and working experience. Our sales and service center made up of roughly 30 offices in large and medium-sized cities nationwide has put into place a sound marketing and sales system, which allows us to meet all the customer needs before sale, in the middle of sale and after sale.

  Jiuding is guided by the business objective of “good faith and win-win outcome” and the management principle of “people foremost, taking law as outline, continuous improvement, and permanent operation”. Environmental protection, excellent service concept and other positive ideas have integrated into our company and our products. Now we are perfectly poised to work hand in hand with all our customers toward a bright future through excellent products, satisfactory service and high reputation.

Our company

Production factory : floor space: 33,000m2; over 200 employees;



Technical Department:

Now we have over 50 technical personnel and have set up Environmental Simulation Technical Center, Refrigeration Technical Group, Air Treatment Group, and Electric Group.





All the materials on contract design, production, inspection, delivery and after-sales service shall be recorded via paper. Related electronic materials shall be stored in server.



Workshop I: workshop for processing parts and components; facilities for automatic metal plate, punch press, bending and other processing devices; two production lines for fin type heat exchanger; 



Workshop II: Refrigerating unit assembly shop produces refrigerating unit of different series.



Workshop III:Assembly shop for air handling unit produces air conditioner with constant temperature and humidity, intake air conditioning for engine and other products;



Test platform: Each device must undergo strict trial run experiment and be delivered out of the factory after passing inspection. 


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